Alcoa West Plant Redevelopment

Alcoa West Plant Redevelopment

  • Alcoa2 Alcoa2 Alcoa West Plant Redevelopment.
  • Alcoa1 Alcoa1 Here you can see the ground breaking for the start of the project.
  • Alcoa3 Alcoa3 An arial map showing the boundries
  • alcoa4A alcoa4A What the finished re-development will look like.

Alcoa West Plant Redevelopment

Alcoa, Tennessee

Project Description
Selected in a nationwide search by Alcoa, Inc. for redevelopment of 360 acres of the former West Plant in the City of Alcoa, Tennessee.

Project Background
Developed a master planned “City Center” development consisting of a retail lifestyle center, multi-family residential, commercial office space, a hotel and conference center, and a new City administrative center.

Business Plan
Worked closely with the City of Alcoa to obtain state and local grant funding for transportation improvements, redesigned the City utility service plan and rezone appropriate parcels.

The RESIGHT Solution
Framed a master Remedial Action Plan with the State of Tennessee to allow for subsequent modifications specific to the needs of all future development, speeding future approvals while assuring that site construction occurs consistent with site remedy needs.

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