New Haven Project

New Haven Project

201 Munson Street
New Haven, Connecticut

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New Haven Project

201 Munson Street
New Haven, Connecticut

Project Description
In collaboration with the City of New Haven, Double A envisions a residential redevelopment in this prime location near Yale University and surrounding neighborhoods

Project Background
RESIGHT Holdings, LLC and Eclipse Development Group through Double A Development Partners are pleased to announce the acquisition of 201 Munson Street. This overgrown 12.9-acre parcel in the historical Winchester Manufacturing location adjacent to The Science Park in New Haven, Connecticut has been fallow for over twenty years.

Business Plan

Both New Haven and the State of Connecticut have been very supportive of brownfield projects and the revitalization of this area. Double A is currently working to receive the entitlements, including environmental and land use permits. Once received, Double A intends to conduct needed soil remediation through licensed environmental professionals (LEP) pursuant to the Connecticut Real Estate Transfer Act.  Construction is scheduled to begin by summer 2017.

The RESIGHT Solution
RESIGHT saw market concern over an environmental issue as an opportunity to acquire, remediate and reposition the property to create a superior retail/service center in an excellent sub-market location.

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