RESIGHT is Dedicated to Realizing Value in Surplus and Impaired Real Estate


With more than three decades of experience in redeveloping environmentally impaired real estate, RESIGHT can provide the resources needed to transform your impaired assets into productive, sustainable holdings by overcoming the complex financial, risk and legal obstacles that typically derail real estate redevelopment projects.

We truly believe that distressed real estate remains one of the greatest opportunities in the property market today, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients not only deal with their impaired assets in a responsible manner, but do so in a way that maximizes financial value and returns over the long term. Our process starts with our proprietary financial model of the impaired real estate market, in which we rate properties from “investment grade” on down to total losses. The goal, then, becomes finding ways to push deals that appear less-desirable into stronger financial standing.

  • We aggregate all the necessary information about a property
  • We analyze the opportunities available to it
  • We synthesize this for our partners on both the buying and selling sides
  • And we reach out to the market with our findings

And all of this ultimately hinges on risk management, combining our shared expertise in insurance, financial assurance, and environmental regulatory issues to help clients make informed, data-driven decisions that are based on sound financial guidance and a deep understanding of this unique market.

There can be benefits that go far beyond profit as well. Handled properly, impaired assets can enhance municipalities and private sector organizations alike – as economic viability and usability is increased through remediation and redevelopment, public officials and private brands can better serve their constituents by:

  • Creating jobs
  • Creating a more environmentally sustainable community
  • Spurring economic growth
  • Growing the tax base
  • Increasing regional value, visibility and visitation

RESIGHT’s experts have developed a unique combination of skills through their involvement in the redevelopment of over $1.75 billion of environmentally impaired real estate activities over the course of three decades.

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